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Forensic Social Work

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What is Forensic Social Work?
This paper explores the many facets social work provides in collaboration with the criminal justice system escaping widespread notice as well as the roles played in the judicial court systems. This paper takes a look at the point and the many purposes of forensic social work. Covering their role in multidisciplinary mitigation teams and collaboration between social workers and lawyers in criminal defense also the type service social work practitioners provide to inmate populations; the active involvement in an inmate’s daily life both during their sentence as well as the service and assistance a forensic social worker will be providing following an inmate’s release and reintegration back into society
Forensic social work is the application of social work to questions and issues relating to law and legal systems. This specialty of our profession goes far beyond clinics and psychiatric hospitals for criminal defendants being evaluated and treated on issues of competency and responsibility. A broader definition includes social work practice which in any way is related to legal issues and litigation, both criminal and civil. Child custody issues, involving separation, divorce, neglect, termination of parental rights, the implications of child and spouse abuse, juvenile and adult justice services, corrections, and mandated treatment all fall under this definition.
Forensic social workers are specialized professionals who are able to apply their social work knowledge to areas that are related to legal issues, along with criminal and civil litigation. The function of forensic social workers is to serve as a bridge between the criminal justice and mental health systems. Essentially, they are supposed to help their clients and protect the community at the same time. Thus, forensic social workers are expected to fulfill two functions in their...

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