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Foreshadowing In William Faulker's A Rose For Emily

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In William Faulker's 'A Rose for Emily" Faulker constantly puts flashbacks into the story. The flashbacks aren't just something that would make the story interesting, it actually serves a purpose and meaning. It might not make sense in the beginning, but it all comes together at the end. Faulker also used foreshadowing and although the reader may not realize it at first, the reader will realize it after the story is concluded.

For example, after Emily died, the narrator goes into detail about what has happened to her in the past. One of them being when her father when he died and when he was alive. When her father was alive, he wouldn't let Emily get married what-so-ever. And after he died she has just terrible with men because of her father. This experience led her to poison and kill her boyfriend because she knew he was going to leave her. She was not going to let that happen, if she couldn't have him, then no one could. Everyone thought her boyfriend just left her, but after she died they found his body in her house with other bridal things.
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They wouldn't tell her to clean it up because that was impolite. Instead, they went to her house in the middle of the night and put lime all around her house because it smelled so bad. This was way before she died and found the dead body laying in her home. This also kind of foreshadows the boyfriend's death. The house stunk because of him, they just didn't know it

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