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E227 Global Solutions Going Green Formal Proposal DeVry University Professor Audra Spicer Professional Writing Shane’e Green April 21, 2016

* Introduction As we look at every day and the temperatures are extremely high I notice that the natural beauty is slowly disappearing right in front of our eyes. We have to realize that if we don’t actively try to make our environment brighter and cleaner not only for ourselves but for our children as well. A cleaner way of living is a way to provide a healthier, brighter and cleaner long term future for ourselves, for our children and their children. E227 Global Solutions has decided that we need to reduce our carbon foot print by 25% in the upcoming year in an effort to help our fellow human race. Also this will lead E227 Global Solutions to become one of the leaders in the industry that will use the three methods of solar energy to reduce electricity, paper/waste reduction, and focusing on green power. All of the money that we will be able to save because of the decrease in the energy can be used to fund future environmental safe projects or initiatives. It also allows E227 Global Solutions to possibly invest that money into hiring the additional employees who can come aboard and expand the E227 Global Solutions going green initiatives as well. * Background of the Problem In our recent findings we have noticed that several of our employees are leaving the lights on with there computers overnight and over the weekends and while on vacation. Many of the employees are constantly printing out stacks and stacks of paper that are most likely being left on the printer to only being thrown away.

E227 Global Solutions has a duty to ourselves as a major corporation and to the community to move to more of a green environment. We have spent a massive amount of time consulting with our team to analyze all of the many options that can be done to make it a better life to live in.
B. Statement of Purpose The purpose of this proposal will be that the problems are addressed and that solutions that E227 Global Solutions are a great way to go green. E227 Global Solutions plan on addressing cost, benefits, and issues that we will face by selecting these options.
C. Sources and Methods E227 Global Solutions is looking for ways to save energy. All employees were given a reminder and notified in weekly meetings that they are to turn off all electrical equipment such as lights, computer screens, printers & fax machines. We have decided our company will invest in installing automatic shut off lights in all of our offices. We will upgrade our old computers to help lower our carbon foot print. We believe that this will definitely be our best option because the company will have the opportunity to lower carbon foot print drastically. The following sources that will be used is reading source that will provide us with a lot of knowledge in order to provide a well-structured report. It is also important to communicate with other similar companies in how they are working to lower their carbine foot print. The other source would include various facts that we can possibly include in our plan to help us save energy with our company. It is important that we show statistics in what appliance waste energy and when a new product is shown in which our company will be implementing so that we can save energy.
D. Report Organization This report will contain three parts: Solutions/Benefits, Costs, and the conclusion. Each and every part is an important role. In Solution and Benefits is where we will present each option. Those options are Energy Savings, Waste Management, Green Power, and Savings Paper.
E. Solution and Benefits 1. Office Improvements-Energy Efficiency As we know it is virtually impossible to not go anywhere and see quite a few electronics hooked up such as heaters, air conditioners, telephones, computers, fans, cellphones and other electronic devices. The solution would be to talk to the source of the electricity to see if there is some way to reduce our carbon foot print in return we will have immeasurable savings. 2. Waste Management and Recycling We need to work on our waste management and recycling to improve what is being recycled and which materials are being used and recycled. Recycling saves the environment of the most dangerous waste known to man. It is important however to not just recycle but to see what are the many sources of the recycling for example what is being recycled.

3. Green Power Solar panels are a great option to lighting. Instead of using all of this machinery and coal to generate electricity it would be better to use natural lighting. Solar panels save the environment in the biggest way. Solar energy is available all over the world. This would reduce electricity costs, environmental friendly, low maintenance and sustainable. 4. Savings Paper As a responsible company it is important that we recycle paper because it helps the environment and saves our trees. Recycling paper is economically responsible. Another way to improve awareness of recycling in the office would be to print double sided versus one sided printing. This option can not only save the company millions of dollars overall it will help save the environment.
F. Best Option Collectively as a company E227 Global Solutions has decided that the best option that will increase our savings and reduce drastically our carbon foot print would be solar panels. After comparing the costs and the pros of using green power it would benefit both E227 Global Solutions and the community is going green on the electricity. Waste management and recycling works also but we don’t have the means necessary to shift through all of the waste that would be generated, monitor all of the different items that the office staff would potentially discard, and we would need additional staff to work hand in hand with the waste management and recycling company as well. Saving the trees is a good option as well it has its benefits but the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to overall spending and saving. Going green by using solar power systems will reduce and possible eliminate E227 Global Solutions electric bill. By having solar panels installed can save years off the company’s energy bill. We figured it would cost more money to install and upkeep the equipment needed to produced energy it would of been much cheaper to just install solar panels and produce electricity naturally and more greener.
G. Costs This is estimated breakdown of what it will cost E227 Global Solutions for their future investment. A normal commercial solar system is around 50 kilowatts. The breakdown is as follows: Solar panels costs $100,000 which is the most expensive part for the system. The solar panels are 40%-50% of the total cost. They are priced by $/Watt and they generally come with a 25 + year warranty. The 2nd largest cost of a solar panel system is the solar inverter at $21,000. The solar inverter is 44%-52% of the total cost. The total capital investment is 6%-7% and it comes with a 15 year lifespan. The design and installation of your solar system are required for the solar system that is 7%-11% of the total cost of $37,000 and it normally comes with a 10 year warranty. The cost of labor to have the entire system installed is approximately 8%-12% of the total cost. 9%-10% of the system’s cost is needed for the design and installation of the solar system and the workmanship warranty is at least 10 years. * Recommendation The recommendation on which option would the environment benefit better from would have to be option #3-Green Power. Solar power does not have harmful emissions that can hurt the environment. With the constant rise of energy companies raising energy costs it would be cheaper to switch to solar energy. You will always have light with solar energy even in the evening hours because during the day when the sun is out the solar system produces more electricity than what the business will be using. Any and all excess electricity gets pushed back onto the grid and reserved for a later time. The most logical and reasonable recommendation is too go green with our energy go solar energy.
H. Conclusion E227 Global Solutions was more than confident in choosing on being energy efficient. There are many advantages to going green with the energy and the decision to choose efficient energy is the best decision. This option not only conserves more energy but it also saves the company money and resources. Comparing to the other options that we researched, we highly believe that this option that we chose will be the most impactful option for the greater good of E227 Global Solutions. Our team feels confident with the choice selected of energy efficiency because after all of the other options have been weighed and discussed in detail amongst management how much money and manpower that would be saved. This choice would be very impactful option for the greater good of our company.

References 5 Benefits of recycling paper. (n.d.). Retrieved April 9, 2016, from Ways to go green website: [Solar System Cost]. (n.d.). Maehlum, M. A. (2014, May 14). Solar Energy Pros and Cons. Retrieved April 9, 2016, from Energy Informative website: Swallow, L. (2003). Green Business Practices for Dummies: Lisa Swallow. For Dummies. 10 Reasons to go solar. (2013, August 28). Retrieved April 8, 2016, from 1st Light Energy website:

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