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Thesis: Anxiety is a common problem that is consistently overlooked, but should be treated to prevent interference with a sufferer’s daily life.
I. A healthy balance of anxiety, fear, worry and panic are needed in order to function properly.
A. Antony & Swinson (2008) state that, “anxiety and fear have a helpful function in that they prepare you for future threats and protect you from danger (p.6)
1. There are known positive aspects of anxiety; increase in work ethics, successful completion of a project, and prepare people for challenges.
2. The goal is not to rid yourself of all fear and anxiety, but to reduce to a comfortable level to live with according to Antony & Swinson (2008).
B. Anxiety existence is sometimes mistaken as the emotion of fear.
3. Anxiety is an apprehension of a future threat that may or may not occur.
4. Fear is triggered when immediate and real danger was present.
II. It’s important to be educated on the different types of anxiety; this is needed in order to properly treat the disorder.
C. Managed and maintained anxiety is important to know as a sufferer of any of the seven disorders of anxiety.
5. Learning how to differentiate when automatic thoughts are cognitive distortions is a key element.
6. Learning how to rationalize the mind in attempts to help challenge behavior is also an important element.
D. Learning how to calm an anxious mind, with mindfulness and compassion is important to learn.
7. Meditation has been used as a method to train the heart and mind.
8. The easiest way to be mindful while meditating is to “relax and stay present” (Brantley, 2007).
III. To efficiently maintain anxiety one must learn how to reflect on the connectedness and…...