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Group members: (As on the report) ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Group number: ……………………………………………………………. Tutorials: …………… Tutor’s name: ………………………………………………
I. Report marks: ______________________/ 20 marks
Relative marked components (max)



1. Language - 2 marks
2. Design - 1 mark
3. Reference - 1 mark
4. Introduction & Conclusion - 2 marks
5. Model specification – 5 marks
a) Theory - 2 marks
b) Choice of variables - 2 marks
c) Functional form – 1 mark
6. General tests – 4 marks
a) Significance test (t ‘n F) - 2 marks
b) Interpretation – 2 marks
7. Errors checking procedures - 5 marks
a) Multicollinearity – 2 marks
b) Heteroscedasticity – 2 marks
c) Autocorrelation – 1 mark

8. Bonus (if any)

II. Presentation marks: ________________________/20 marks
Relative marked components (max)



Content of the presentation – 8 marks
 Purpose of presentation – 2 marks
 Logical Structure – 3 marks
 Explanation and outcome – 3 marks
Visual Aids and graphic displays – 2 marks
Language – 5 marks
Q&A sections – 5 marks
Bonus (if any)
Timing (-1 marks if overtime)


Additional Guideline
Heteroscedasticity testing:
After running Regression Analysis, you can use “White heteroscedasticity test” to examine whether there is the existence of this error.
How to...

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