Former Los Angeles Clippers Owner’s Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims Article Summary

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Former Los Angeles Clippers Owner’s Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
A tort is a violation of a duty imposed by the civil law (Beatty, Samuelson, & Bredeson 2013). A business tort, also called an economic tort, usually involves unfair practices that result in improper interference with a business contract (Beatty et al., 2013).
Purpose of article
This article is about the court case between former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Mr. Sterling filed a civil suit against the NBA and the commissioner for breach of fiduciary duty claims after the commissioner banned him from the NBA and fined him $2.5 million dollars (Unger, 2014). Mr. Sterling is seeking damages of more than $1 billion. The author is writing the article to discuss in detail, the complaints brought forth by Mr. Sterling. Did the NBA and Mr. Silver in fact owe Mr. Sterling the fiduciary duties listed on the complaint because of a breach of contract (Unger, 2014)?
Thesis of the article The thesis of the above article is that Mr. Sterling must prove there was an existence of a fiduciary relationship with the defendant, misconduct, and damages that were caused by the NBA fiduciary’s breach (Unger, 2013).
Key Points/facts The key point evident in the article is the private conversation between Mr. Sterling and his then girlfriend Vivian Stiviano. Vivian Stiviano recorded the conversation between her and Mr. Sterling without his knowledge. Mr. Sterling argues the recording of the conversation was illegal due to California Invasion of privacy act. His argument is that Stiviano had no right to record his conversation without his knowledge. During the conversation, Mr. Sterling made racial remarks about African Americans. After the conversation was leaked by the media, the NBA conducted an investigation into Donald Sterling. The result of the…...

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