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Fort Worth Police Department

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Fort Worth Police Department
The Fort Worth Police Department was chosen to be a part of this study because it is one of the larger local departments and also in the vicinity of the Texas Christian University. According to the Texas state directory, Fort Worth is one of the 10 largest cities by population, with a population of 781,000 people (Texas State Directory). Fort Worth has been chosen for this study due to the geographic location and ability to conduct interviews in person with the computer crime detectives. The Fort Worth Police Department consists of several different divisions and units such as beat patrol, narcotics, SWAT (Specialized Weapons And Tactics team) and a VICE team which generally works with a combination of offenses
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not cooperating with law enforcement (Randolph, 2015). Many times cell phone companies, both large and small, do not want to divulge their information upon the request of law enforcement which can hinder an investigation. The term “data dump” was used to describe companies attempting to cooperate with law enforcement. For example, if a company is unwilling to provide certain information, they are more likely to provide a large amount of paper work to the Fort Worth Police Department rather than the information actually needed, which can range anywhere from two sentences to several hundred pages. This is bad for departments because unnecessary information will need to be filed through which is time consuming and using the manpower that is much needed for other duties. Data dumping is frowned upon from cooperation’s but it continues to …show more content…
Being behind a computer screen affords the offender a comfortable area of anonymity, it is important to remember that there is always a potential way to track activity and that there is no such thing as privacy anymore. Kubic also states that cyber criminals and organizations pose a significant threat to global commerce and society because many rely on technology, computers and digital communication as a primary tool (Federal Bureau of Investigation,

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