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There are some forty thousand Chinese restaurants in the United States. They have spreaded nearly everywhere across America. Also, Chinese restaurants have been a weekly or monthly ritual for many Americans. There is a same point that Chinese restaurants had ended with a fortune cookies.

There was a battle between two cities, San Francisco and Los Angles. It was about who is the inventor of fortune cookies. San Francisco thought fortune cookies were introduced by Japanese immigrant. However, Los Angeles argued that the inventor of fortune cookies was a Chinese immigrant. The author began to investigate the fortune cookies. Maybe the question was still unanswered, but more evidences showed that fortune cookies were similar to Japanese deserts.
In the past, Americans were always suspicious of Chinese immigrant, especially of the food and table manners. But Americans can accept more Chinese food and restaurants now. The popular dishes one Chinese menu is Chop suey. But Chop suey is not real Chinese food. It can be found in many places.

The Long March of General Tso, where she visited General Tso’s family in China in an attempt to understand how this became the ultimate Chinese-American dish. It also explains the differences between Chinese food in China vs. Chinese food in America.

The Bean Sprout People are in the Same Boat We Are, on how fortune cookies became industrialized

Until the spring of 1989, there was one – and only one – farm in the entire country that produced kosher ducks: Moriches Duck Farm, on the East of Long Island. The Pekins became farmer’s favorites because they breed like bunnies and fatten up quickly and the East End blossomed as the duck-producing capital because its environment. But in the 1970s the Long Island duck industry sell out and close up because environmental pressure.
At first the writer talked about how she recalled her memory about the invasion of Normandy after she saw the scene. There is only one thing is different—some scrawny Chinese men scrambling to America’s unprotected beachy shores. She started to tell the story about stow way. During her journey, she also visited one of the criminologists. In the end of this chapter, a boy said that” it’s not worth it to risk your life to cross the Atlantic Oean.”

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