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Fossil Fuel Dependency & Americans

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Fossil Fuel Dependency and Americans
SOC 120

The first Industrial Revolution began in the late 18th century; it began in the United Kingdom, and eventually spread through Europe and into the United States. It was never imagined that it could cause issues. The Industrial Revolution gave us the ability to change agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, technology, mining and how they were taken care of.
When we replaced organic fuels, to the use of fossil fuels in the second Industrial Revolution, no one could have ever guessed the effects it would have on us in the future. What was left unknown was that the continual use of fossil fuels would cause danger to nature, wildlife, and the environment that we live in. What was also not thought about was what happens if we run out of these fuels? At this time a plan should be advised that will keep our engines going and other power working for our future. A little information about fossil fuels is that they are a non-renewable resource that can take millions of years to form. Currently what is happening is the assets are being used faster than expected and we are unable to produce new fuel fast enough. The fossil fuels that we depend on the most include; coal, natural gas, and petroleum. Throughout this paper we are going to discuss how our society would benefit from moving away from fossil fuels into cleaner resource energies which are beneficial to our earth, and our being.
“Our food industry is a major factor into the usage of fossil fuels. We use a tremendous amount of fossil fuels each year contributing to 10% of the energy used.” (Donner & Rodriquez, 2011) The amount of energy we use, not much is given back. The main cause for energy usage would be the transporting of foods, fueling machinery, and chemicals. Pesticides and artificial fertilizers are manufactured from atmospheric natural gas, and...

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