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Foster Care and Substance Abuse


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The Association Between Foster Care and Substance Abuse Risk Factors and
Treatment Outcomes: An Exploratory Secondary Analysis
Sharon H. Stoess
Grand Canyon University
March 27, 2011

The Association Between Foster Care and Substance Abuse Risk Factors and Treatment Outcomes: An Exploratory Secondary Analysis
“The child welfare and substance abuse systems are integrally linked through the children and families they serve (Blome, W., Shields, J., & Verdieck, M., 2009). There is a dearth of knowledge, however, on how children who have experienced foster care fare when they are treated for substance abuse issues as adults” (Blome, W., Shields, J., & Verdieck, M., 2009). “In addition, the funds available for in-depth, comprehensive research in child welfare are limited” (Blome, W., Shields, J., & Verdieck, M., 2009). “Data collected for one purpose can potentially be used to answer other questions” (Blome, W., Shields, J., & Verdieck, M., 2009). “Secondary analysis involves the use of data gathered in a previous study to test new hypotheses or address new questions” (Polit & Beck, 2009, p. 295). “The issue, however, is that the original researchers may not have collected all the data needed to answer the current question” (Blome, W., Shields, J., & Verdieck, M., 2009). “This article presents an exploratory study using the Alcohol and Drug Services Study (ADSS) study set” (Blome, W., Shields, J., & Verdieck, M., 2009). “This study pursues a set of exploratory questions which compares children who have never experienced foster care and those who have experienced foster care and a comparison of their experiences were compared before and after treatment” (Blome, W., Shields, J., & Verdieck, M., 2009).
Problem Statement The problem of this study was

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