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Fostering Physical Activity in Children

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Researchers seek to gain understanding of phenomenon through observations and interviews in a given setting - and in the analysis to faithfully communicate to others the results of their study. The key is for the researcher to present the understanding from the participants’ perspective and not the researchers. The researcher can also employ outside methods to validate information. All ethical guidelines are applied in the process and participants were made aware of the study. The important ideas of research design and approach were applied in developing and performing the research. Data collection methods that are valid and reliable were applied in the study.

Research Simulation - How do fostering physical activities in children relate to child outcomes including family attachment, physical fitness level and obesity, social skills and effectiveness overtime?

This research study simulation is on the effects of fostering physical activities in children and the effects in outcomes overtime. The overall topic is on enhancing physical opportunities for children at the school, home and the outdoors in a structured manner. Introducing the physical activity habits at early ages will increase the possibility of continued physical activity in all stages of life resulting in increased lifelong health benefits. The goal is to establish the existence of a relationship between physical activity and the overall well being of the child later in all aspects of life.
The major question being investigated is - How do fostering physical activities in children relate to child outcomes including family attachment, physical fitness level and obesity, social skills and effectiveness overtime?
The study involved procedures of selecting the participants, ensuring all ethical considerations, employing scientific approaches and methods to answer qualitative research…...

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