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Foundations of Human Development in the Social Environment Paper

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Foundations of Human Development in the Social Environment Paper
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Human Systems and Development

Foundations of Human Development in the Social Environment Paper
The foundational concepts of Human development from conception through childhood show that biological, psychological, and social conditions are all systematically connected and they adhere to an underlying intelligible order that exists in our world. General System’s theory shows that the social, biological, and psychological milestones in a person’s life fit together to form a larger picture of development that when studied as a whole can change how social service providers approach common issues in their field of care.
General systems theory is really about order but has been transformed into a science of wholeness. General systems theory talks about why there seems to be an underlying intelligible order to the world. The basis for all scientific research is based on the assumption that there is a general order to our world and we can seek to understand how all the pieces are connected and form a larger picture. General systems theory is full of abstract concepts but when applied from a social systems perspective can be useful in understanding social order. Society is part of the “whole” referred to in General systems theory and so are the people that occupy its space. A general theory of social systems encompasses the examination of composition, relationships, and patterns describing and or prescribing design, behavior and development. (Bridgeforth, 2005) From a social systems perspective there are different systems that exist in society and they all affect each other in some way. A social systems perspective proposes we must understand how the complexities and uniqueness of each person, the social group they fit into and how they interact with one another fit...

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