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Foundations of Knowledge and Professional Skills

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King et al. (2011) conducted an empirical study to test the relationship between diversity and organizational performance and to observe how and when organizational outcomes can be influenced by diversity through service interactions. The research question is that “Intraorganizational ethnic diversity is associated with reduced civility toward patients. However, the degree to which organizational demography was representative of community demography was positively related to civility experienced by patients and ultimately enhanced organizational performance” (King et al., 2011:1103). However, this study provides first empirical test to examine incivility that may emerge if organizations don’t reflect demography of the communities (King et al., 2011:1104). The study begins by reviewing theories of diversity from sociological and psychological point of view and then describing and testing a proposed six hypotheses related to civility, quality of service and usage of resources. The study shows measures, statistical analyses then discussed findings and consequences The authors studied the interactions of ethnic diversity individuals utilizing two major theories: social identity theory (Tajfel & Turner, 1979) and theory of social structure (Blau’s 1977). Thus, the core process of the relationship between ethnic diversity and the organizational performance is considered. They conducted this study on a particular organization entity which is in health care field. After that, they applied analysis for 142 hospitals in the United Kingdom utilizing a set of national available data sets such as employee and patient surveys, census data and organizational performance (King et al., 2011:1103)


This research based on an empirical investigation study using sampling data collection method and a quantitative data analysis that known as ordinary least squares regression. As...

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