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Founding Brothers

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ENT 3320: Entrepreneurial Process – Fall 2015
Meeting Time: Tuesday & Thursday 11:00 – 12:15 (section 01)
Class Location: Foster - 429

12:30 – 1:45 (section 02)

Professor: Dr. Matthew Wood
Office Phone: 254-710-6640
Office Location: Foster, 210.36
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 9:00am – 11:00am. Additional times by appointment.

Course Description and Objectives:
Introductory course in entrepreneurship designed to explore the development of innovative thinking and venture exploration which would ultimately lead to a new venture. In that way, the primary focus of ENT 3320 is on understanding the processes that underpin the emergence of new business ventures. Topics covered include methods and processes of identifying and evaluating new business opportunities, conducting feasibility studies, evaluating methods of new venture financing and identifying the appropriate legal form of organization. In covering these topics students will be presented with current theoretical thinking in the field of entrepreneurship along with the practical tools needed for starting a new business. The course will be interactive in nature with discussion driven lectures, individual and group activities, problem solving scenarios, videos, and case analyses. Guest speakers will visit the class to provide expert knowledge and perspectives on the entrepreneurial process.
Learning Initiatives:

Gain insight into the field of entrepreneurship by understanding the characteristics and mindset of entrepreneurs.

Develop an ability to identify and evaluate opportunities within the marketplace, both for new venture creation and within existing companies.

Develop the skills required to conduct a feasibility analysis, building a founding team and securing financing.

Learn successful strategies and common…...

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