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Four Circles Model

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Four Circles Model
Bryan Dunlap
EDA 561
Grand Canyon University
March 30, 2016

It seems that in the world of education today “accountability” is the latest buzz word to embed itself deep into America’ lexicon. Accountability is used by parents, community members and other stakeholders as an instrument to raise expectations for schools and educators to an extremely high; sometimes unrealistic, levels of achievement. It has also become a weapon wielded by lawmakers and politicians at the state and national levels to levy punitive actions and sanctions to schools that are not meeting their levels of expectations; branding them with a “Scarlet F” if students are not scoring well on standardized tests.
While high test scores, continuous improvement, student achievement and teacher/student accountability are things that all schools and district should strive for, there are certainly beneficial ways, as well as destructive means, to attaining such favorable results without harming the school’s most precious resource – students. Effective school administrators are constantly seeking opportunities to improve within their school and in each classroom. There are numerous tools and strategies that administrators and school leaders can implement that will aid in identifying obstacles and providing solutions to improve student success. One such tool is the Four Circles Model outlined by Charlotte Danielson.
The Four Circles Model allows administrators and other school leaders to categorize information into four basic groups; or circles, as they embark on the improvement journey. The first circle, is entitled “What We Want” and is comprised of the school’s basic goals and objectives. Some of the goals included in the first circle high-level learning for all students, safe and positive learning environment and a culture of hard work and...

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