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Four Frame Analysis Model

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The four frame analysis model which views organizations in four images, which these frames are captured by distinct [metaphors]: structural [factories or machines], human resource [families], political [jungles], and symbolic [temples or carnivals, theatres]. Each of these frames is equal to a mental model. This enables one to decipher those clues by getting a more comprehensive picture of what is going to happen in future and what they need to do. Besides that, it also helps them to think of a frame as having several potential functions such as map, tool, lens, orientation, filter, prism, or perspective.
First of all, for structural frame, in simple words, I will define it as a frame which such as basically contain of rules and regulations, roles, goals, organizations policies, division of labour, coordination of activities and hierarchies of organizations. In structural frame, it focuses on the task assignments within the organization and how are the tasks or roles well assigned and filled perfectly. Besides that, this frame also concern of the overt or explicit goals, strategies of the organization and future technology that will influence the organisation’s structure. When structure does not line up, problems arise. Reorganization or redesign may help or solve remedy the structural misalignment. Rational analysis may help the organisation to the development and implementation of work roles and tasks and the appropriate coordination and integration of individual and group efforts.
For human resources frame, I would define it a frame that consists of individual needs, skills, competency profiles, relationships among others, motivation levels, enthusiasm, harmony of the organisation and cooperation within the organisation. In my perception, human resources frame used love for the leadership contribution. Besides, it also emphasizes on understanding people…...

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