Four P's Marketing Mix on Starbucks

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Four P’s Marketing Mix on Starbucks
The marketing mix plays an important part in marketing. The purposes of the marketing mix are to use a combination of tools to satisfied the customers and obtain company goals. The marketing mix is referred as the four P’s: product, price, place, and promotion. “The elements are adjusted until a right combination is found that serves the needs of the product’s customers while generating optimum income”. (Marketing Mix, 2010, p. 1). By using the four P’s, most businesses have the ability to connect with consumers within the targeted market. The ability to create a successful marketing mix often has good results. However using the wrong mix can lead to failed marketing strategies which can result in the business dissolving. The key is not to get stuck on one mix; the combination of elements often has better results than just using one. This research paper will review all elements of the marketing mix and how each ones plays an important role that organizations must acknowledge in order to be successful.
The first P in the mix is the product. The product is used to determine market needs, wants, and desires, to assess internal resources regarding satisfying market needs, wants, and desires with innovation, to develop process for market resource and product testing, and to forecast product life cycle. With this being said, the product would refer to a physical product or service in a company. The product would be used to satisfy a targeted group of consumers and customers.
The second P in the mix is the price. The price would depend on how and which product is being offered, the price of the competition on a similar item, and how much demand there is for the product. The price is to know how to understand strategic applications, developing a cost

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based or value based pricing depending upon market…...