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Liebert & Spiegler’s text on the four strategies of personality for me was an interesting journey through the minds of some of the greatest thinkers of all time. Personality makes us who we are. I’ve learned that it guides me in how I make my life decisions and that I carry my personality into every situation. The type of personality you develop through the stages of life can adversely or positively affect your current life situation.
In reading the chapter on the Dispositional Strategy I felt the authors were successful in relaying the information in such a way that made it easy to understand. The question that arose in my mind was is my personality made up from the gene pools of my parents and already predisposed or does it develop over time? For example, the idea of saying African-Americans are lazy or Jewish people are cheap, Italians are hot-headed, is a label that was placed on groups of people many decades ago and does not give a person the proper insight into one individual’s personality. I did not agree with the connection of describing groups of people by nationality or race in dispositional terms. After reading through the sections and doing some more research I have come to my own assessment that our personalities develop over time as we grow and are exposed to new experiences throughout our childhood. We start to develop our likes and dislikes, and I think that falls in line with the Freudian theory
Freud’s theory on the Id and pleasure principle, ego and superego fell in line with my thoughts. The idea of the brain being broken down into “sections” and developing from infancy made sense. As babies we are born with the need to satisfy ourselves; eating, drinking, sleeping, the Id. Freud’s idea that as we grow our personality starts to emerge and by the age of three our ego develops making us more cognizant of other people’s needs...

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