Four Strategically Required Organizational Outcomes for Siemens

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Siemens builds a strategy-oriented HR system case study
* Strategically required organizational outcomes:

* Good products and good services. Products and services is always the most important thing for a manufacturing company. Siemens has become a world leader by diversifying into hi-tech products and services, it need to maintain this advantage and develop it even further to achieve more.
* Going global and expand. Globalization gives big companies a chance to expand rapidly. Siemens has succeeded in going global but this is a long way, it still needs more expansion into more countries or areas that are not covered yet.
* Positive brand image. A good company image is extraordinarily important to the company’s healthy development. Siemens needs to keep customers satisfied both with its products and services, which helps it to get more market share and expand even faster.
* A good employee selection, training and compensation system. The company not just need to keep customers satisfied, it has to keep employees happy too. So that it can work more efficiently and effectively.

* Required workforce competencies and behaviors:

* Learning on a continuing basis. Siemens is in high-tech business so the nature decided that its employees need to learn new things every day.
* Good teamwork. The ability to work with people is essential in such big corporation. Especially when it’s going global.
* Mutual respect and appreciation of workforce diversity. Siemens is a global organization and employees come from different nations, races and other backgrounds. So all employees need to be able to respect others and work with people from different backgrounds.
* Active participation in training and development. There must be regular staff training on different subjects in Siemens, employees should attend the trainings actively to…...

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