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Fracking Argumentative Essay

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Fracking is becoming a worldwide conversation. Hydraulic fracturing is what fracking really is. It has become a debate on whether it is good or bad for the earth. Fracking has negative effects against the earth. This happens by how fracking is done, and what happens to the earth when fracking is made. Fracking has also a big effect on human health. It can cause many health problems for the people, especially those who live by the site. Fracking is done by injecting very high pressurized mixture of water, sand, and chemicals into the earth to break shale rock to release oil and/or gas to be used. Doing it this way has been connected to earthquakes occurring. Many people do not like this side effect of fracking, and are therefore discarding the idea of fracking. Fracking can also use fresh water to push out the oil and/or gas. By doing it this way a large amount of fresh water is used instead of providing freshwater for those in need. Facking sites are also very close to water systems, which makes it easy for the fracking chemicals to get absorbed in the water. The chemicals from fracking mixtures can get mixed into the water causing many health problems. The health problems have become a huge decision on whether fracking should stay or go. Since the fracking mixture can get into water, water pollution has …show more content…
Fracking can also affect the environment. Air pollution doesn’t just affect humans, it can also have a major effect on the environment. The chemicals methane and carcinogens, such as benzene, are released from the fracking sites and contaminate the air (McDermott). Greenhouse gases are also released, which can cause a change in the climate. Ground level ozone has also increased since fracking is becoming so popular. These problems are also linked to health problems. These problems are not the only ones that occur during fracking. Silica dust has produced over the years of

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