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Frameworks of Ethics

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In the career of a registered nurse, ethical dilemmas can arise at any moment. It is imperative that through proper education and training registered nurses have the ethical capacity and intelligence to work through these issues with compassion and integrity. Take into account he following case scenario; a 6-year-old child develops a high fever, vomiting, and convulsions at school. After seeking medical care, the diagnosis of meningitis is reached and the physician requests to start treatment from the child’s parents. The parents are divorced; the mother has primary custody but is not the biological parent. The mother is a Christian Scientist who insists that no medical treatment be initiated per her religious beliefs. The biological father resides in another state, but he insists that treatment be initiated and seeks independent consultation from another physician. Through ethical decision making with assistance from Uustal’s nine-step model, it is possible to identify the ethical dilemma presented, integrate the decision-making model to identify an ethical solution, and incorporate family dialogue to both parents of the child regarding the issue at hand.
When an ethical decision must be made, one must first identify the ethical dilemma. "...An ethical dilemma is a common type of situation that involves two, or more, morally correct courses of action that cannot both be followed” (Purtilo, Ruth & Doherty, 2011, p. 57). Ethical dilemmas involve both ethical conflict and conduct. "An ethical dilemma occurs when a moral agent is faced with two or more conflicting courses of action but only one can be chosen as the agent attempts to bring about an outcome consistent with the professional goal of a caring response" (Purtilo, Ruth & Doherty, 2011, p. 60). The people involved in this dilemma are the 6-year-old patient, both parents who are divorced involving the mother...

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