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Framing Effects

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MKT 444 Class Notes – Week 4:

* Ethical Issues In Marketing Research * Ethical questions are philosophical questions * Marketing ethics: the application of morals to behavior related to the exchange environment * See the marketing ethics statements in BlackBoard * Conceptually, marketing ethics are just regular ethics applied in a marketing context. * Moral standards: principles that reflect beliefs about what is proper behavior and what is improper. Morality varies among people. * Cultural/religions aspect * Ethics and morality are not the same thing but related * Ethical dilemma: a situation in which one must choose from alternative courses of actions, each with different ethical implications. * Moral Stances * Absolutism * There is only one valid moral standard (and the person know which one it is) * Relativism * Rejects absolute principles in favor of situation-based evaluations, but within boundaries * Acknowledges that other views my be valid * Moral Behavior * Reflects the degree to which one bases ones decisions on moral standards. * Example: the golden rule (there are two with different inferences for behavior) * General Rights and Obligations of Concerned Parties * Everyone involved in marketing research can face an ethical dilemma * The people actually performing the research – the “doers” * The research client, sponsor, or the management team requesting the research – the “users” * The research participants * Society at large * Active Research * Auto-dialing of cell phones is illegal * Passive Research * Generally, researchers do not view unobtrusive observation of public behavior in places such as stores,...

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...proposal I will show how: food advertisers exploit children in ways in which negatively effects their eating habits. I choose to do this topic because according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States - triple the rate from just one generation ago. I feel like a big part of that 17% is influenced by food advertisers. When dealing with advertising one isn’t worried about how their advertisements may affect others, they are only worried about the best way to get the best profit and if exploiting children will help get them that profit, they are ok with that. I say food advertisers exploit children because the word exploit means, to make productive use of or to make use of meanly or unfairly for one's own advantage, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Food advertisers unfairly make productive use to their own advantage. The theories I plan to use are framing and priming. Framing is related to the agenda-setting theory but expands the research by focusing on the core of the issues at hand rather than on a particular topic. The origin of framing theory is that the media pays attention to certain events and then places them within a field of meaning. Framing is an important topic because it can have a big influence on the audience it reaches. According to The Art of Framing Fairhurst & Sarr (1996) “framing consists of three elements: language, thought and forethought. Language helps us......

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...Chapter 9 Behavioral Finance and Technical Analysis The effiecient market hypothesis makes two important predictions. First, it implies that security prices properly reflect whatever information is available to investors. Second, active traders will find it difficult to outperform passive strategies such as holding market indexes. A relatively new school of thought dubbed behavioral finance argues that sprawling literature on trading strategies has missed a larger and more important point by overlooking the first implication of efficient markets-the correctness of security prices. Behavioral finance are models that emphasize potential implications of psychological factors affecting investor behavior. Its premise is that conventional financial theory ignores how real people make decisions and that people make a difference. A growing number of economists have come to interpret the anomalies literature as consistent with several “irrationalities” that seem to characterize individuals making complicated decisions. 2 Broad Categories: 1. Investors do not always process information correctly and therefore infer incorrect probability distributions about furture rates of return. 2. Even given a probability distribution of returns, they often make inconsistent or systematically suboptimal decisions. Information Processing Errors in information processing can lead investors to misestimate the true probabilities of possible events or associated rates of return. Forecasting......

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