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Advertisement Critical Analysis

At it's most basic level, an advertisement is a form of marketing communication used to sell or promote a product or service. However, there is a lot of thought put into these seemingly simple posters, commercials and radio jingles. These things are the final product of accumulated analysis and surveys, and cater to peoples tastes, their culture, the trends, the available technology and countless other factors. One aspect I’ve always found interesting about advertisements, is they are perfect snapshots of the times they were made in. Sentiments we consider to be shocking and wrong were once considered unquestioned social norms. They not only show the beliefs and cultural norms of their times, but give us a glimpse into their ideals. They show us what it was people strived to have or be.

One such advertisement (seen below) is the famous Van Heusen ties' “Man's World” ad. Like many ads of the period, this ad catered to, and promoted the ideal“ Nuclear Family” where the husband earns the money and the wife serves by taking care of the household and raising the children. It makes sense for the times then, that advertisements would focus more on the head of the family, as they generated the income and generally had the last say in financial matters. We then have the hyper-emasculating world of the Golden age of Advertising. These ads, in order to influence the breadwinners to buy their products wound up dictating many socio-cultural norms. Primarily about men and women's roles in society. A major contributor to these ads were that television and even colored prints were a gleaming rarity of the 50's, and for a while people took what they saw on tv at face-value. So while we may look at this ad now and see how wrong the sentiments were, one should consider how and why...

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