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The human resource director suggested that he move into vacant office adjacent to Cardullo’s before somebody else try to grab the power position

Despite their initial agreement that turner should spend in few month, getting a foodhold in marketing , cardullo now wanted turner to take over sales in early april as well

Tackling Sales Management

He has reluctant to take on too much too soon, and he wanted first to get a better understanding of the people

Cardullo was impatient and angry when Kelly had to check records or ask others before anwering cardullo probing question.

Working largely through Kelly, who seemed relieved to have somebody else in charge

Contrary to Cardullo’s opinion, turner found Kelly to be loyal and dependable

Presenting the business plan

One of Turner’s first project was to prepare a new business plan to present to 3s COO Arthur lipsky

So this is the guy who walk on the water (impossible) lipsky remark

Only turner feels unhappy afterwards : Now he would have to deliver

III Weeks

Firing and Hiring

Kansas city –based sales sales operation was hemorrhaging (pendarahan)money, Turner found it’s necessary to release all sales people there.

Tim Kelly seemd heartsick at these dismissal…The Chicago sales force , too, seemed to respect the way turnur taking charge. According to Kelly , most of them had felt ambivalen … about dealing with cardullo

Turnur soon began to build a product management capability . he recruited bill cook one of Julie chin performer

Seem seems reluctant to let cook go, but turner persisted and eventually prevailed

His second hire was Juanita Swenson

Cordullo told cook and Swenson that although their official function were in marketing they...

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