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Frank Serpico's Corruption In The New York City Police Department

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The 1960’s was a time to understand the corruption that was overspread throughout the New York City Police Department. Frank Serpico could not be silenced and refused to engage in the fundamental acts of bribery and the corruption he saw day-to-day on his beat. Serpico didn’t believe in taking bribes and protecting criminals for a payout, he tried to make up for all the corruption that went on in the department only to have his fellow officers turn against him. On March 5, 1960, Frank Serpico graduated from the New York City Police Department Academy and began his career in the 81st Precinct located in Brooklyn, also known as the eight-one. Serpico’s first encounter was at a local deli near his post, where other officers demanded that the meals …show more content…
Frank went to this deli quite often before finally deciding that he will not be eating his meals and not be charged. At the time of receiving his meal, he felt uncomfortable with the arrangement made with the owner and how other people in the deli would look at him. Thereafter he made a deal with the owner, that he would only have to pay what the owner gets charged, the owner did not want to make a profit from him. Although he still got a discount, he paid the remaining balance in tips. The 81st Precinct was exactly how Serpico anticipated, an action filled precinct. While walking his post he heard a something that sounded like a glass crashing on the floor, he assumed it was a burglary and believed the burglar would still be in the shop. When suddenly a man walked out of an appliance store with a television in hand, Serpico reacted first and yelled ‘freeze!’. After successfully arresting the perpetrator, he walked over to a telephone booth and called in for a radio car. Serpico had to fill out an arrest card, and also call over to the 83rd precinct to have a van come pick up the prisoner because the 81st precinct did not have any overnight

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