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Fraser Coast Slogan Creation

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Good morning, I’m Samantha Reid and this is my colleague Emily Harvey
Fraser Coast Queensland, where nature comes alive…
How many of you knew this was the brand slogan for the Fraser Coast before you commenced this subject??
Just a show of hands…
So not a lot of you
But more importantly does this draw you in? Does it capture you and make you want to visit the Fraser coast?
Our question today… is it possible to have one brand slogan that is suitable for all of the different segments that Fraser coast tourism is targeting?


To really be able to answer this question we need to look at some important contributing factors.
What is a slogan and why is it important to a destination brand?
What is the current situation for Fraser Coast’s Tourism industry?
What does the Fraser Coast have to offer?
And Who are the market segments?


What is a brand slogan?
“A Slogan is a short phrase that communicates descriptive or persuasive information about a brand”


Slogans are particularly important when it comes to differentiating a destination from its competitors. A destination slogan should be memorable and it should tie in with the overall positioning of the brand. Slogans can be an incredibly effective tool and when used correctly consumers will be able to identify a destination and its brand from the slogan. NEXT SLIDE

This image is a really great way to illustrate the importance of a Slogan. Slogans are a shadow for the brand, they should be memorable, they should make the consumer want to take action, they should build relationships with the consumer, they should be elaborative and they need to be predictable, something simple that consumers will automatically relate to the brand

More often than not brand slogans fall short, they aren’t memorable and they don’t link the audience to the destination. In saying that there are some destinations that have slogans that are incredibly effective!

Can you think of any slogans for tourist destinations?
…wait for answers and then NEXT SLIDE

There’s one that comes up again and again…
Can anyone have a guess which destination this slogan belongs too?
That’s right….
Las Vegas. What happens here, stays here, this is a perfect example because it completely encompasses what the brand is about. Las Vegas brands itself as an adults playground, anything can happen in vegas but what happens in vegas stays in vegas.


I love New York, everyone associates this iconic slogan with New York City, trademarked to the New York State Empire State Development, it can be found on all sorts of souvenirs from key rings to mugs and t-shirts.


There’s nothing like Australia. It’s perfect because it’s so true, Australia is completely unique and offers a number of experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the world but here. NEXT SLIDE

So now we know why slogans are important to brands lets take a look at Fraser Coast and its current situation. Fraser Coast is only a short three hour drive from Brisbane’s CBD. Easily accessible by car, train, bus or plane
The Fraser Coast thrives on short break holiday tourists. In 2013 Fraser Coast had 1.33 million domestic overnight visitors with the majority of these being from intrastate and staying an average of 3.7 days.


The Fraser coast has so much more to offer than most people know! Did you know that it is home to 2 World Heritage listed attractions?! The Incredible Fraser Island and The Great Barrier Reef.
But this is only the beginning, Fraser Coast is the home of pristine white beaches and a breathtaking coast line, tranquil rainforests and a serene hinterland, the historic town of Maryborough and a bird watchers paradise in the form of lady Elliot Island, this region has so much more than meets the eye and visitors will be blown away by their experience.


Last but not least Fraser Coast’s Hervey Bay is the number one whale-watching destination in the world! People visit the region specifically for Hervey Bay and its up close and personal whale watching experience. Hervey Bay offers the world’s closest whale watching encounters with hump back whales.


This short clip will give you a really great idea of just what exactly the Fraser coast has to offer…

Target segment section

“The ideal holiday!” “Can you picture it now?” “Sky diving in the Bahamas, skiing in the Alps, sun bathing in Thailand”- Wherever your dreaming of at this moment- chances are it is completely different to what your partner beside you was thinking! Why?


Because tourists are heterogeneous; in simple… we want to experience different things. To account for heterogeneity amongst tourist, market segmentation is implemented to categorise individuals into groups with similar members based on an array of determinants such as demographics, behaviour and psychographics. Furthermore, Market segmentation is beneficial in gaining competitive advantage by being able to identify and serve the needs of a standardized market segment sooner and more effectively than competitors. It is this competitive advantage that the Fraser Coast will desperately need to achieve in order to satisfy the 2020 vision of generating $759 million worth of overnight visitor expenditure a $399 million increase.


Currently the Fraser Coast’s visitation patterns are subjected to year on year volatility, with the following slide alone representing how the simple demographic of age is significantly different when comparing domestic and international visitors.

520,000 domestic visitors visited the Fraser Coast during 2014 with 200, 000 falling into the 45-64 age bracket, followed closely by 186 000 in the 25-44, 104 000 fell into the 65+ bracket with the final 30 000 being between the ages of 15-24 of these visitors 288 000 were female and 232 000 were male.

As of the end of September 2014, 122,000 international visitors had come and visited the Fraser Coast with the most popular age bracket being those between the ages of 25-44 with 52 000 visitors, followed by 42 000 visitors between the ages of 15 to 24, another 20 000 were found to be the ages of 45-65 with the final 8 000 belonging to those aged 65+; of these visitors 56 000 were males and 58 000 were female.


In order to successfully combat this volatility the 2014 Fraser Coast tourism plan implemented the creation of the Connectors and Fun seeker market segments; which when combined represent 57% of the Australia population.

Connectors in regional Queensland and Brisbane are identified as the Fraser Coast’s primary target market. Mostly families or older couples these individuals see holidays as a chance to connect with the ones they love the most, often subordinating their own preference in terms of activities to ensure everyone is having a good time.


Core drivers behind Connectors ideal holidays are to rest, relax, escape, explore and to have new experiences. Connectors want to participate in activities such as going to the beach and shopping as well as participate in general sightseeing, daytrips and activities for children all while experiencing a great holiday atmosphere, natural attraction, and good value for money.


Additionally as a result of the gradual increase of interstate visitor, the Fraser Coast’s secondary target segment focuses social fun seeker’s living in Melbourne and Sydney. For these individuals the essence of a great holiday is having a fun time. While they participate in an array of different activities, it is sharing the experience with friends and other holidaymakers that make the big difference to their enjoyment.


Now we can answer the question, is one brand slogan appropriate from all market segments?
What do you think?
Hands up for yes…..
Hands up for no….
Our answer, we think no.
Simply because the target segments are so diverse. The target segments have differing , which will make it impossible for one slogan to appeal to both segments.
We came up with a few slogans of our own that we thought might be appropriate for different segments…
Australia’s Premier nature based holiday destination
The Fraser Coast – Where the Whales come to play
Fun Seekers
The Fraser Coast – Where nature and adventure collide
Hervey Bay – Just a road trip away

So that’s it for our presentation… did anyone have any questions?

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