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One of the things I liked about the course was the experiential learning. I was able to apply my new knowledge to my project, changing to a Common Review Date, and to my everyday work. For example, even if I wasn’t the person involved in a project at work, I was able to identify that Business Intelligence tools were being used. This provided me with a new awareness of how co-workers go about doing their jobs and how decisions are made. It’s encouraged me to wonder about what else is available to help us do our jobs better and more efficiently. In addition, no one was looking at the cost savings side of the conversion to a Common Review Date. Once I started using the Excel tool and thinking about things differently I was able to show these cost savings. Probably my favorite tool is the Canvas used to brainstorm ideas. It assisted with getting all thoughts down in a logical format and it was easy to use and allowed for revision. I will use this often for many different projects. Plus, it just looks so cool when it’s all completed. I also really like making Rocket Pitches on VoiceThread. I’d never used anything where I could add voice, and I see that video is also possible, so this was an exciting new tool. In addition, the book Business Model Generation, which was required for the course, was a great resource, easy to read and very applicable to the subject matter. (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2010) While meeting on-line with Go-to-Meeting was a great feature I can see where this may not be possible for some students depending upon the type of position they are in and the hours they work. I was able to put this meeting on my calendar and only had one date where there was a conflict and I thought I was going to miss the meeting. Fortunately for me the work meeting was cancelled. If the meetings are taped that helps, but participation is what makes it interactive and that is what I liked about it. Even though on-line written discussions are fine, they aren’t as interactive as meeting in a format like this. You get a sense of knowing the other students this way. I do recommend that the first time you use this in the next class that you tell everyone how to mute their phones and how to send messages. I didn’t see that I could send a message until around the 6th week when Devon Cancilla remarked on how nice Cheryl Ayres ePortfiolo was during one of the meetings. After that I used it to comment on her ePortfolio and as a result she and I got together one evening so she could provide me with some help. I also privately mentioned to Devin Neves that he could purchase the Perrla program to help with the APA format of papers and to ask Kathleen Ives about something she’d said about grading papers and recommendations for the format. I wish I’d known about it sooner. I spent a lot of time on this course, possibly more than other MBA courses, but I was never asked to track my time so I’m unsure. I had to spend more time some weeks than others and often it was time spent learning to use the tools, like the canvas, the spreadsheet,

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