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College is expensive and is a huge factor in some peoples’ choices of where to enroll, but there is also an effect by that same education on the amount of money one earns. With an increase in education also comes an increase in a person’s average salary. Free public education has had a fantastic effect on general education because it allows any person to become educated with very little to no money spent on their part. This helps those who are financially challenged to break the vicious cycle of poverty and become educated and financially stable. Free public education has revolutionized society and allowed for the social caste system to be degraded and for people who would have grown up to be peasants and serfs to become billionaires, CEOs, …show more content…
Firstly, in homes where food is scarce or there is a strict budget on food supplies, children are not always receiving all of their daily food requirements. This is detrimental to their health and can lead to malnutrition which, when serious, is extraordinarily detrimental to a child’s health and can lead to serious learning defects (Poverty and Education 1). A proper education, especially in rural areas, can increase one’s ability to grow their own food, thereby increasing their ability to learn. This is simply one area where education is instrumental in reducing poverty and child hunger. According to a recent survey done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics there is a clear trend between increased employment and increased pay where there is an increase in level of education (Unemployment Rates and Earnings by Educational Attainment 1). This correlation means that with an increase in populational education there would most definitely be an increase in populational salary and/or job employment. Making college free or even just cheaper would increase the amount of people who attended college and would thereby increase the overall education of the citizens in the united

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