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Growing up there was nothing worse than having to read a book. I never understood just how important reading was let alone the impact reading would later have on my life. During my years in elementary school I had such a rough time just trying to understand anything. My parents would take their time and help teach me to read. That wasn’t the best of experiences as I fought with everything I had to not have to learn. Later once I hit middle school and then high school things weren’t so tough for me. I was reading but only what I had to read and nothing more. At this point in my life I still thought that reading was pointless and a waste of time. It wasn’t until 2005 that reading would start to become a daily part of my life. It wasn’t long before I had realized that books had become my best friend, and I would always have a best friend and somewhere to turn when things turned sour from time to time. For many years I made many new friends within the books that I read. Then just like a long distance relationship I knew that they were there but never talked to them or in this case read them for another couple years. In 2010 I was given a very precious gift and from the very beginning before my daughter was even born I would read to her. Even to this day I am still reading to her with one big difference she is learning at an early age that books can be your best friend and that they make for a great way to pass the time if you need to. I don’t want my daughter to have to learn late in life just how important books can and will be like I did. I know that if it wasn’t for the books that I have I would not be where I am today. I wish that I didn’t have to learn so late in life the impact just a single book would have on my life.
Its events in one’s life that causes you to ask yourself questions and wonder about your life. Do you ever feel like something in your life just is not right? Do you feel that you just do not belong or fit in with the life that you have? There have been many times that I have often wondered if I was either born in the wrong time, or in a different type of world. What if one was not human at all but rather a creature of sorts or even an animal. Ever since I was younger I have always been unhappy with my life like something was missing or wrong with it. I never thought that I fit in with today’s world. It wasn’t till the time that the third or fourth book in the Harry Potter series was released in stores that I began to realize just how much that I do not fit in or belong in this time. I began to read a book for the first time without it being for school at that point I started with the first book of the Harry Potter series and did not stop till the series was complete. Ever since I have finished the series I have been reading different kinds of books. With each book I read I am transported to a new and fascinating world and time. Through the many books life has become more exciting and I am able to start to feel like there is a time or world to which I belong.
A time or world you may ask how is that possible. Well here is how each one happens. It starts with a simple book of choice and your imagination. For me I like to travel to a different time just like in the books Reign, Outlander, and Game of Thrones. During these times many events happened some of which are recorded in history but on the other hand there are so many events that were never recorded. Knowing that there are so many missing pieces to time periods in history one cannot help but to raise lots of questions about the time period. It’s easy to put yourself back in that time and imagine what things were like. When I read books like Reign especially I can picture myself wearing the clothes and jewelry. It is obvious that during those times men were treated with much more respect than women were, but I cant help but wonder just how much were women really listened to. Were they really treated as if they were someone’s property and could be sold off to any man for the purpose of marriage and to bare children, in most cases an heir? I recently watched an episode of the tv show Reign and they were talking about a dowry in which the females parents had to pay to the prospective husband. This brought up a few interesting questions to me. Was this something that only the families that carried a title did? If this was custom for all families with or without title how did the families with little to no money afford this for their daughters? The more that I read and occasionally watch about this specific time period the more that it seems like its where I should have been born. The rules and customs back then are harsh yes but they are also much more consistant and fair then what we have today. Back then they believed in the old saying an eye for an eye. You stole something back then you lost a hand. And then they had there more extreme one like if you commit adultery for those of the title you were beheaded same as if you were to commit treason against your country or the crown. Women had many different types of occupations and many of which were common for that time therefore they were not looked down upon like those who worked in the whore house. In that time period it was a very common profession as there were always men traveling in from many different countries that were unwed and needed the company of a woman whether it be for a night or because they are regulars. If I could go back in time this would be the time period that I would go back to, this is a very fascinating time and to me it feels more like where I belong.
There are many worlds that one can travel to with a good book and the use of their imagination. I find myself often traveling to mystical worlds. Worlds where anything is possible and the imaginary can become reality. A few of my favorite world that I love to visit over and over is the world of Harry Potter where witches, wizards, and mythical creatures are real. The power to be able to cast a spell and make things happen is almost like knowing that you can change the events of time and fix things that should have never happened at all. This book series was the first one to make me realize that there are other world out there you just have to use your imagination to travel to them. It wasn’t till I finally realized things that I was able to move on to other world on of my favorite ones being in the world of the paranormal. Vampires, lycans, demons, witches, Valkyrie, furies, and the fey all of which can magically suck you right into their own world. These types of characters are able to make you feel like you are right there with them feeling what they feel. They have a way of making you fall in love with them and want to actually be there physically with them. Sometimes it can be very hard to come out of the book and remember that you are in reality not in these other worlds. The authors of these kinds of books have a way with the words that they write that can make you completely forget everything in this world and leave all of your problems behind. Time has a way of standing still in a sense when you are reading. Whether its five minutes or 5 hours it doesn’t matter a good book only needs a few words to capture your heart and soul. So if you even have the feeling like I do that you just done belong or fit in, the best therapy is to pick up a good book. You don’t have time to read, that’s never true all it takes is for you to pick up a book and sit down. Time will find itself after that and you will find more time in life and live many other lives in many other worlds and time periods. Pick up a book, use your imagination and take a trip to a different time and place. What are you waiting for go pick up a book and get comfy your about to take a trip and live a whole other life. Enjoy it.

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