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Freedom of Bad Words

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People are using bad words when they are excited, happy, angry, anxious, even they are just talking about what the weather is like today. It is the right to say them or not. And most people have touch with bad words since little, maybe at age of 12 or at the age that cannot remember things. But in this essay "cuss time", the author Jill McCorkel has an activity with his 8-year-old son, and the son has freedom to have a speech in the activity.

The essay is to describe freedom of speech, and not only about speech, about thoughts and ideas. People always tell the other people what should not say or what should not to do, furthermore this means we draw a circle for ourselves which we need to stay in. McCorkel let readers know that "We build a world around negatives -you can't say [...] then you can get away from a lot of things." One of the most common "negative" things in the world is teaching children not to use "bad words". In order to express freedom of "bad words", I believe this essay is more about freedom, freedom of talking, freedom of behaving, freedom of thinking. She is trying to make her viewpoint, let people talk freely, do things freely, think freely, make the circle disappear, make the world we built disappear.

When I first read this essay, it remained me one thing in my childhood. I remember I was around 11 years old or 12 years old, I started to hear some "bad words" in school and from my friends. Also like other kids did, I started to say "bad words", of course, it depended on who I was talking to. Once I had a conversation with my mother, I was so excited and said a word that my mother would never let me say. After that, I was scared and waited for her response. My family is a serious family, I thought she would beat me, but she didn't. She told me not to use that word again and made me promise to her. I was lucky that my mother didn't wash out my mouth by soap. Now, I am a grown-up, I can say whatever I want. But by the time, I read this essay, I really wished I would have a "cuss time" with one of my parents, or I would not need to learn these "bad words" from others.

There are several stories in the essay like mine. In the beginning of the essay, she writes that she has a activity with her son called "cuss time", which is also the title. She gives her son five minutes every day to say anything he wants. Although, he is not at legal age, his mother give him "cuss time" to have a free speech every day. The author's point is that there will be a bad result if totally deny something. Therefore, she gave her son "cuss time" to let him think freely and talk freely which she thinks "kept my son from being overheard by some person in authority wo might have had no choice but to reprimand him and assign punishment." Then she tells the story of her own childhood about bad word punishment and getting her mouth washed out with soap. Most people remember getting punished and not understanding why. I think this is one of the reasons she uses "cuss time" instead of punishment for her son's bad words' education. At end of the essay, she puts her first public reading experience in. These three stories make up a complete whole story, and the way she puts them in is smooth and reasonable. They help readers understand why she needs "cuss time" with her son and they make her point clear and easy to understand.

It was not hard for me to understand when I read this essay. An essay which is easy for readers to get the author's point, is easy to have different groups of audiences as well. It is a essay that is close to life. The author writes "cuss time" between her and her son, is family education, so that it is an essay that parents could read. She discusses freedom which I think young people would be interested in. But considering the bad words she uses, certainly not for children.

If an essay is not hard for me to understand, the vocabulary of the essay must not be hard and complex. This is an essay with easy-to-understand words. She writes both long sentences and short sentences. Even though these long sentences, they are not difficult.

Different people have different ways to think about this essay. I may do not know how other people see this essay, for me, it is a successful essay. From the beginning, the author tells a five-minute "cuss time" story, it is just one of thousands things happened in the life. Whereas she uses this little story leads us to a big topic about freedom, which is a topic will never end up. She uses simple words to explain complex topic that expresses her point very well. In the end of the essay, she writes a question and answer in bad words " And what can be positive in that?" "In other words, you old son of a bitch, I say Let freedom ring!" This is a very powerful and impressive ending. Using bad words to begin and using bad words to end.

I do like her point of view, however, I don't like this essay. I think this essay could be shorter. Her "cuss time" story is a big part of her essay which I think it is verbose. I like short stories in essay, I think stories in essay should introduce the point or explain the point. They are tools in essay, helpful, simple and understandable. Obviously, I don't think stories are working well in this essay. I think she writes freedom too many times and she expresses her same point of freedom too many times which is verbose.

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