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Present tense introduction to Holiday Coursework.

You will need to write at least 50 – 70 words to talk about what you normally do during your summer holidays.
You will need to include where you usually go/ stay/ travel/ what you do and give lots of opinion.
Use the table below to help you with timewords and extra information
Use to revise weather/ sports and present tense to help you with your work.

|Timewords |Weather phrases |Extra’s |
|Normalement - normally |Il fait beau/ chaud/ froid/ |Dans ma chambre –In my room |
|D’ahbitude = usually |It is nice/ hot/ cold |Il ya - there is |
|Chaque année – every year |Il y a du soleil/ vent – it is sunny/ windy |Une salle de jeux – a games room |
|Les matins – in the mornings | |Un vue sur la mer – a view of the sea |
|Les soirs – in the evenings | |Un jet privé - a private jet |
|Chaque jour/ tous les jours – every day |...

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