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French Wine Characteristics

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As the increasing number of people in all the countries, they are much more getting towards wines, this drink taken a new role in the life of the people. Now it is not like that you share drinks with your friends and family and create a relaxed atmosphere, the wine itself is now become a source of meeting with new people and new experiences.
Before the end of 19th century the wine was only taken as an intoxicant but at the end of 19th century to the middle of 20th century wine has taken its own respect of the generation.
There are dozens of wine type in which wines can be classified, but here in this report there is the explanation for the sweet wine and the dessert wine. It also have the different types of wine and their taste, from where
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This is the country where the larger number of wine regions is there and some of the regions have the name in history for their wide range of soil type and the landscape which created them. In France each region has its particular geographical feature which has a particular effect on the wine produced there. From the granite hills of Beaujolais to the famous chalky slopes of Chablis and the gravels of the Medoc, the sites on which France's vineyards have been developed are considered of vital importance and are at the heart of the concept of …show more content…
This is the variety grown all over the France and also the world famous grape variety.
Chenin blanc- this variety is frequently used in the region of France called Loire valley. They are used to make both dry wines as well as sweet dessert wines.
Clairette- these types of grapes are found in Languedoc and Rhone.
Grenache Blanc- this variety is from Languedoc and the Rhone.
Mauzac- These are the minor grapes used in blending in the southwest france.
Muscadelle- the 3rd grape in the Sauternes blend, also makes sweet wines in Ste Croix-du-Mont.
Petit Manseng- lesser grape used in Languedoc white blends.
Pinot Auxerrois- used in blends in the Alsace Region.
Pinot Blanc- lightish grape used in Alsace.
Pinot Gris- cousin to Pinot Blanc, this grape is also used widely in Alsace
Riesling- grown in Alsace, used to make many single varietal wines.
Sauvignon Blanc- used to make wonderful Sancerre, Pouilly Fume and Menetou-Salon in the Loire. Also widely used in Bordeaux and throughout the south.
Sauvignon Gris- minor grape used in Sauternes.
Semillon- the great Sauternes grape, used all over Bordeaux and southwest France in other sweetie appellations like Monbazillac and

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