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Friar Laurence

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Pleads of Innocence of I, Friar James Laurence
Gentleman of the High Court of Verona, I Friar James Laurence, am here to explain and justify my doings with regards to the marriage and consequential death of dear and Juliet. I was deeply involved in this tragedy and was harshly judged to be banished, now I plead to you, the High Court of Verona, to listen and understand my wishes for clemency and consider for me to continue my gracious devoted work at St Peter’s Church.
I have heard the confession of many confided lovers in eternal dances, and two star crossed lovers who, were named Romeo and Juliet, were not different. The only wall that held the lovers apart was the century old grudge between the two great houses of Montague and Capulet. I was cautious at first; unknown to me was the treacherous mistake I was making on an early Monday morning. But as a member of a mendicant Christian religious order, I was obliged to help a civilian drowning in love. But not only was Romeo a sole civilian, but the son of Lord Montague and Lady Montague, in love with the one and only daughter of Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet. My thoughts were on the face that how fast Romeo forgot about Rosaline, I told Romeo, (God rest all Christian souls!) “Young men’s love then lies, not truly in their eyes, but in their eyes”. But I knew this wasn’t the case for Juliet, I knew that Romeo was speaking from his heart. I was more than just a priest for Romeo; I stood to him to more of a father-like figure. I had known Romeo since he was still in the hands of his mother. From his littlest problems to his love of his life, Romeo had chosen me to be there for him.
The several ideas which spurted in my head were clouding my judgement as I got excited. A century old battle between two families which could be easily solved by Juliet taking Romeo’s hand in marriage. It would be near impossible for both...

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