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Research Essay 1

This essay is to be no less than 2 pages long.

Susan Sontag’s essay Regarding the Pain of Others brings forth many atrocities of war. I would like you to choose an atrocity mentioned in the essay which will be the basis of your research paper. As you research you will come across pictures and photographs that are suppose to “show” you what was occurring during the time of the atrocity; however as you view such photographs I would like you to address ONE of Sontag’s ideas below which will become your essay topic:

1) Photographs do not assist in the comprehension of a situation, that is up to writers to create narratives that help in understanding

2) Meanings from photos are free floating, and can only be grounded by words

3) The photograph is not an objective mirror, but an expressive medium capable of portraying multiple realities.

4) Intentions are not inherent in photography, meaning is situational and in flux – this is in keeping with the previous key idea. The photograph itself is capable of “speaking” for itself only so much. It requires an interpreter. And it is the agenda of this interpreter that the photograph assumes. The photograph itself has no agenda; it takes on the one of who is interpreting for it.

Part Two

You are to create a power point presentation of the atrocity you discussed in your research paper which is to include both pictures and text. You may also choose to streamline videos to help strengthen your presentation. Finally, you will present your power point to class.

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