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True Companionship
By Great Perhaps
Type… delete… type… delete… repeat for 99 times. I’ve been staring at my laptop for almost 4 hours and yet, my mind can’t think of something I’ll write down here. After so many times of procrastinating, I realized, why don’t I write something I can relate to? Or something I’ve been through? Bear with me, my fellow caballeros and fair ladies. There are so many relationships that man can have in a short time. Born to parents, grow up with siblings; fall in and out of love and of course, experiencing these with friends. Friendship is such a big word to describe. Maybe if I’ll ask you right now, you’ll struggle into defining it. What does friendship really means? Let me share mine to you. For me, it means UNDERSTANDING. It is more than an AGREEMENT. It means FORGIVENESS, not FORGETTING. A friend is someone who stands by you when everyone else left. Sometimes, your girlfriend or your boyfriend, and your family won’t even exist for a while but a friend will always stand by his ground and he will never judge you. I have always known that change is inevitable. Sometimes, I wonder why people are getting affected all throughout even the process repeats entirely. People come and eventually go even those you TRUSTED the most, those whom you thought will STAND by you, those whom you thought will UNDERSTAND why you became who you are now because they know you too well, and those whom you thought will stay. There will always be those people who’ll leave no matter what; no matter how many beautiful memories you made.
Leaving leaves too much pain in me that I can’t trust that easily. It has always been a traumatic experience that I always encounter in my life. It made me cold at times and I just shut myself off from people because of only one reason—fear to be left. But eventually, I’ll adjust and learn to live without them. I learn to come HOME again. And then I thank them; thank them for leaving because they made me so much stronger than before. I thank them for making me feel alone, it made me independent and I thank them for the beautiful memories. Those memories will be forever etched in my mind and heart. I will always remember and cherish every bit of them. People leave, yes but most of the time, they come. It is fulfilling to know that someone will always be there for you. I feel secured when someone figures out why I’m so locked out in my shell, someone who understands and stays. No matter what happens, they’ll always remain. It feels great when someone constantly become your comfort zone and your sanctuary, that if they will be missing, you’ll feel lost too. Maybe it’s weird but it’s nice when you have someone to share knowing looks and those inside jokes. To the girl in blue glasses and fluffy face, thank you for everything. You make me happy. Thank you for letting me know what friendship really means. Love would always be complicated and friendship may be even harder to understand because despite of our differences, somewhere in our soul, we understand each other in mysterious ways. We’ve always touched each other’s lives to make a difference. Friendship has always been the foundation of relationships. With a strong friendship comes a strong relationship. After all this time, I realized you don’t look for happiness. You wait for it and let the author of your life, God, to decide what you will experience and learn. Maybe the beginning is not so nice and endings are sad but those everything in between are what makes it exciting. You just have to look beyond and appreciate the good things. To be happy, you need to be contented with what you have and who you are with. Acceptance is also one of the key. Accept yourself for who you are and what you are not. Life is really a paradox. It is when you truly love that you won’t be truly loved back in return. It may be painful but you have to deal with it. As John Green said, pain always demands to be felt but maybe it’s not always about fixing something that is broken. Sometimes, it is about creating a new one—something better. Once you created something better, life will become beautiful.

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