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Frivolous Lawsuits

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Today in Illinois, frivolous lawsuits are blocking the court system. Not only are they blocking the court system, but they are costing the state too much money. When you file a frivolous lawsuit, you are basically slowing down the court system. In Illinois, frivolous lawsuits can be avoided by limiting the amount of lawsuits one person could file yearly, putting a fine or deposit down before a case is started, or our state could hire a court to review the cases before the become active to see if they should not be settled.
One thing Illinois could do to prevent frivolous lawsuits is that we could set a limit on how many lawsuits one person could file yearly. If this would happen, Illinois’ frivolous cases would majorly decrease. This new law would block people from entering cases that they are submitting only so they can get money. In my opinion, one person should only be entering 25-35 cases per year. If one person was to be filing more than this amount, it would be noted that they are just trying to gain money.
Another way frivolous lawsuits could be avoided is to have the plaintiff pay a fine before the case is viewed. If this fine, or deposit, was enacted, less people would file the suit. By making people pay before the case, they might not file the case because they know they might lose. Most frivolous cases are filed because the person is just doing it for fun, or they just want to make money. Even if they still win the frivolous case, the person would have lost money on the case. The money that people had paid could help pay for the case. This fine would definitely stop some frivolous cases from being filed.
Since frivolous cases are blocking important cases from becoming active, Illinois could hire a special court to review all case files before they are sent to be settled. If we had a set of people to look at court cases to decide if they are frivolous, they could just throw the case file away. The money we save from not having the frivolous cases would be used to pay the people who reviewed the cases. Illinois would be drastically cutting down on frivolous cases if we had these courts of people.
Frivolous lawsuits has become a problem in Illinois. If we put a limit for how many cases one person could file, and set a fine on each case, we would greatly be cutting down on unwanted cases. Also, if we had a court system, our state could be saving money. There are many ways frivolous cases can be avoided, and people can start to prevent these cases from showing up in the court system.

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