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Welcome to INFSYS 2800. My name is Ashish Pande and I will be teaching this course this semester. I am really excited to teach this course and am glad you are taking it. I am sure this will be a fun course and you will learn a lot of skills that you can use in the real world. This course will take you through the concepts of applications used to create business solutions through Case Studies. In particular this course will provide you with an understanding of Microsoft Excel.

Instructor Bio
I have about 15 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. I got my Masters in Information Systems and an MBA from UMSL. I have worked as a consultant and as a Full Time Employee with Citigroup, Sigma Aldrich, IBM and Express Scripts. In my current role as a Portfolio Manager I manage a $50M IT Portfolio and help drive efficiencies through using different vendors, collaborating with geographically diverse teams, ensuring we have secure systems. I have also been part of an effort to integrate the systems between two huge companies to drive efficiencies by creating synergies.

Teaching Philosophy (sets expectations for students)
My goal in this course is to ensure you understand the material and are able to use the tools in the real world. There will be Case Studies and Assignments that will need to be turned in on the requested dates. LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. There will be two tests. The dates will be fixed and will not change.

Required texts: (Information Systems, Concepts and Applications Using Applications to Create Business Solutions. Third Custom Edition for UM – St Louis Compiled by Dr. Joseph Rottman

Time Requirements:

If this course were offered on campus, you’d be in class 2.5 hours/week, along with the travel time involved. The online version is no different in terms of expectations for your involvement. This is an...

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