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Course Outline
Programme: International Masters of Business

Cohort: 57
Academic Year/Trimester: 2015/2016 Trimester II
Course Code and Course Name: INBA 6370 - FINANCIAL
Course Type: Core
Level: Year 1
Lecturer: Mr. Andre Taitt
Lecturer’s e-mail:
Lecturer’s phone #: 1-868-685-5631
Learning Assurance Officer: Alana Ifill
Prerequisite/co-requisite course (s): Introduction to

Financial Accounting Workshop
Involvement of other institutions for delivery: None

1.0 Vision and Mission of the Lok Jack GSB
Our purpose is to contribute to the development of the human and institutional capacity required to transform the business landscape and shape our own destiny. Through our comprehensive and integrated programmes and consultancy services, we provide a framework for developing new pathways for achieving sustainable growth and competitiveness
The mission of the School is to improve the international competitiveness of people and organisations in the Caribbean through business education, training, consulting and research.

2.0 Quality Statement
In today’s organization the non financial manager can no longer avoid financial information. Profit statements, operating budgets, and project analyses are constant part of a manager’s day. The concept of the finance and non financial manager has now become very blurred.
The modern manager must have the ability to utilize the appropriate methods for analyzing, interpreting, and understanding Financial Information in order to convert this data into powerful allies in their decision making.
The purpose of this course is to give the participants the ability to
Appreciate the use of accounting information for decision-making
Understand the different “tools” used to perform financial statement analysis Read, analyse and...

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