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Recruitment and selection is one of the role played by human resource manager in the organization. Human resource department is one of the departments in the organization that deals with the issues relating to employees of the company which include identifying positions that need to be filled in the organization, interviewing, selecting of the best and talented employees to join the organization's workforce, training of the employees, remuneration of employees of the services offered and ensuring that the employees of the organization are well motivated. The organizations in the world have realized that the human resources is the most valuable assets in the organization and therefore necessary measures have being put in place in the organization to ensure that the organization attracts and retains the most talented workforce in the market that would ensure that the organization attain the competitive advantage over its competitors (Jones & George, 2007).
The company in which the recruitment and the selection processes would be reviewed is Zetech Corporation. The company deals with offering computer hardware and software product in the United States. The company is one of the largest companies in the computer hardware and software industry on the basis of the revenue the company generates per annum and the capital base. The company has diversified its operation in many markets in the world to enjoy the low costs of doing business offered by various economies in the world. The company provides employment to about 200,000 employees in the world; both the technical and operational staff. The company employs the liberal policies in its operations where the employees are given opportunities to make their independent decisions free from the interference of the management. This has enabled the organization to come up with superior products in the market since the employees…...

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