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* 1) Substantive Knowledge: The Foreign Service seeks a diverse workforce with broad job skills and a depth of experience to represent the US overseas. Briefly describe why you chose the career track you selected.

Well over a year ago, I considered working with my brother-in-law at Northwestern Mutual. I took the preliminary tests and did very well. Along with the other partners, I met with David Thompson, the Managing Director. Ultimately, I decided to pursue other options. However, the director and I, sharing what I hope is mutual respect, developed an uncommon bond. As we parted ways, he gave me a bit of counsel that has become something of a guiding light. The parameters surrounding his work are: “Do I love what I do?”
“Can I support my family?”
“Am I making a positive difference?”

I have worked in fields that fulfill the first two of these adopted requirements. I feel that the Foreign Service, particularly the intimate, individual service provided by a US Consular, is the right choice for me in my pursuit to the find a vocation that meets these criteria.

In my professional career, numbers, spreadsheets, and dollar signs have not inspired me to action, but rather the chance to create experiences through considerate service that people can celebrate. I applied for a position as Consular to achieve a higher degree of professional and personal satisfaction, but more importantly, to serve in greater and nobler capacity.

* 2) Intellectual Skills: In the Foreign Service you will confront challenging situations that require identifying the problem, collecting relevant information, and formulating or advancing innovative solutions to resolve the problem. Describe a time when you responded innovatively to unanticipated circumstances to solve a problem. (What was the situation? What steps did you take to think through the

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