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The main role of the family IS to serve the interest of Capitalism NOT everyone
The main role of the family is NOT to just serve the interest of Capitalism- it serves everyone
Pester Power- children will see things on television/ in the media that will indoctrinate them into thinking they want/ need something- be it sweets, a certain kind of trainers, or a haircut.
Functionalists believe that the family serves to ‘give back’ to the economy, keeping the money and economy FLOWING, through shared processes, thereby profiting everyone (eventually). Good for individual (taken care of/ food, water, travel, etc.)- good for society (a unit that buys things- sustains economy)
Families maintain the Base- providing the means of production through labour.
The family socialises the newest members into ones that show respect, which benefits them by giving SOCIAL SOLIDARITY through SOCIAL NORMS AND VALUES (the new members are not drones, but are members of society that continue it onward) =Harmonious Society = Benefits Everyone
Families themselves are UNITS OF CONSUMPTION- they will ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and buy the latest fridge, or car, etc.
The breadwinner(s) will not see quitting as a way to stop the status quo- they need to provide for their families, and do not want to endanger that position.
The individuals are genuinely happy with their lives- The Functions of a family has been reduced to two. Stabilisation of adult personalities makes us happy.
Ideological function- Zaretsky- family is a haven that fools the proletariat into believing they are happy, WARM BATH, giving FALSE CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS

INHERITANCE OF PROPERTY- men want their children- their progeny- to inherit their hard work- so, the women are kept from the opportunity of having another man’s children as much as...

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