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1.0 Background of the product

As we know, sate or satay is a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat that served with a sauce or call as kuah kacang. Satay may consist of diced or sliced chicken, goat, beef, and as extra. The more versions use skewers from the coconut palm frond, although the bamboo skewers are often used. These are grilled or barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire, then served with various spicy seasonings. Satay originated in Java, Indonesia which is almost available at anywhere and it becomes popular among the Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines and as extra.

We are choosing satay as our main product because we try to differentiate it by adding seven types of flavor on that satay which is including black pepper, white pepper, honey, curry powder, kurma, chili pepper, and paprika powder. We try to offer something different from the other competitors product because as we know consumer are like to taste and try a new product, so we offer a different taste of satay. That satay will be mixed together with those flavors that make that product taste is very special from the original satay.

2.0 Objectives

2.1 To satisfy the customer need and wants

First objectives that we want to achieve are by satisfied and meeting the customer need and wants. We want offer something that make customer feel they are choosing the right food to eat and they feel that they are consuming on the right thing without feel unsatisfied and feel of wasted.

2.2 To offer something different from others

We are trying to offer unique product on satay by adding a seven flavor such as black pepper, white pepper, chili powder, honey, paprika powder, and lastly is curry powder. We try to make the consumer does not feel bored with the same product and only one taste. By adding a different flavour we can make the customer feel different taste.

2.3 To gain the profit

As we know, most of the company for sure wants gain the profit by produce the product. So we are here for gain some profit by meeting the customer needs and wants as well as satisfy them and then will lead to the profit.

2.4 To be the market leaders

From what we all know, satay only have a one type of taste. By adding seven types of taste we can attract and influent the customer to choosing our product as their food. After we are succeed to attract them, and then we will become the market leaders since only us that make the product.

3.0 Novelty
The food that we create has its own meaning and uniqueness of it owns. Satay has become one of Malaysia signature food for it traditional food history. In order to remain the originality and signature of satay, we remain the original recipe and ingredients to create satay. The different in our satay is we westernize Malaysia traditional food to be more variety, acceptable, innovative and a new recipe.
We westernize our food by adding more taste on satay gravy with 7 spices while maintaining its original Satay stick. This to give different taste depends on customer preferences and interest rather than stick to one original gravy which is nuts gravy.
Besides that, the idea of having 7 spices than original taste is to give uniqueness to our product compare to competitor. As a new food, it is one of advantage to come with new design of food as it will indirectly attract the customer to our product.
The gravy that we serve with our satay are Black Pepper, Pepper, Honey, Curry, Chili Paper, Cinnamon, and Paprika. With these seven gravies, the customer can taste varieties of taste with satay.
These seven spices give different taste on it owns to be dip with satay. To compare with the current market satay, they is only one gravy and become the signature of it. By adding novelty to the satay, but remain the originality is by having a new gravy which we introduce as 7 spice.

4.1 Product
4.1.1 Product features
To make a satay, we are using a chicken poultry and beef as our main and raw material. Ingredients are chicken poultry, beef, galangal, lemo grass, sugar, salt, turmeric and cooking oil.
4.1.2 Product design
Our specialty is that our product is based on seven spices which are by marinade with a black pepper, pepper, honey, curry, chili pepper, paprika, and cinnamon. We put 10pcs of satay in one packet. One packet with one flavor. We also provide a packet of satay that consist of all flavor of spices.
4.2 Place
We are targeting to have our stall opened at a place where it can be seen as strategic, to have a place where we can operate near to our suppliers and also for our customer to reach us easily. The nature of our business which will require us to get our materials from companies who can provide an affordable chicken poultry and beef to us and also to have a strategic place where the place that people always come and hang out for having dinner. We plan to have our stall in Damansara since it is the most strategic place where it is not too near and too far from the city, plus, it such a favorable place for people to come and having food. Thus, will give us the advantage to make arrangements in our business.
4.3 Promotion
On promotion our company will focus on build the relationship with consumer. The promotions tools used to create the relationship such as website, social media, word-of-mouth and so on. Since we are just starting our business, we need to do a lot of promotion to gain trusted consumer.
4.4 Price
For the price, we are using such a skimming pricing seems this is a new product in the market and we have no competitive yet. But still we put an affordable price in order to let all the customer to buy our satay. Our selling price is 1pcs = rm 1
5.0 Host country
Host country is the country that brings the original products from home country and commercial the product to the host country. We all knows that Satay food is one of the famous food in Malaysia and it is becoming one of the compulsory food that makes all people who comes to Malaysia will try this food. The traditional Satay food that is made from chicken and beef will be grilled with a spices and eat with “kuah kacang” becoming one of the trademarks of Satay.
When we plans to supply our original Satay worldwide, we need to do an adaptation based on the countries culture and environment. Our target is to supply our “7 spices” of Satay to European countries because we knows that culture there can accept the chicken and meat food and of course our special Satay taste will be adding a new flavor but maintaining the original flavor.
Our focusing countries in European is Australia because that countries can supply many more fresh meat to produce our Satay products and Australian people choose protein as their compulsory food there and our “7 spices Satay” is made from a fresh meat. And we believe that our product can be accepted there. And we adding a variety of flavor to fulfill the taste of the Australian people there. For the first 5 years, we will do a market survey and after that we can knows the better ways of strategies will be use there and what type of flavor of Satay is higher demand in Australia.

6.0 Entry Strategy
Joint Venture
A joint venture is an association of two or more individuals or companies engaged in a solitary business enterprise for profit without actual partnership or incorporation. It can also occur with the small businesses that believing partnering will help them to successfully fight their bigger competitors. Joint venture gives the advantages such as sharing of risk and ability to combine the local in-depth knowledge with a foreign. By joint venture also, it will makes the small business easy to enter into the new market as because they had partner with the existing company in the market.
Another reason why we choose in doing joint venture is because we had a similar objective with the host country company. As we can see Australia as our host country are the biggest meat supply worldwide. It is easier for us to collaborate or insourcing meat from Australia itself to produce our Satay. This give us benefit as it similar to us as we sell Satay from meat and chicken. In addition, Australia and Malaysia both are in the same page which are into meat and chicken as our main food. This gives us big opportunity to joint venture with Australia Company to expand our business to the market.
Besides that, Australia is the best decision to enter the market as their country is one of the biggest populations in the world. We can make more profit from their population to sell our Satay. it is easier for us as Australian are into protein food and our Satay food are from meat and chicken which is protein food. This make our food acceptable as it is one of their main course. This can allow us to attract Australian to try our Satay.
Other than that, Australia is the biggest supplies of fresh cow meat. This is the best idea and advantage for us to produce and expand our satay in coming years. This is because we can expand our business by produce Australia’s meat as our Satay and create a production place for our satay in Australia. This indirectly helps us to save a lot of cost rather than import from our country.

Four our project, we have chosen Australia as the country that we like to commercialize. The main reason for choosing this country because Australia is one of the rich county that supply many cows, where their KDK and GDP is higher capita per year. Other than that, Australia currency is higher than Malaysia. In Australia, the governments really encourage their people to do entrepreneur. The government also really concern to their economic development. By having our innovation product it can be a good opportunity to Australia.
Global market in the entry strategies consists of exporting, licensing, franchising, contract manufacturing, joint venture, wholly owned subsidiaries and strategic alliances. For our products, we used a joint venture as our strategies to market our products globally. The country that we choose to global our products is Australia. Why we choose Australia as our host country because Australia is one of the world richest country that can supply fresh meat; so it can help us to markets our products. Besides, as the newest products in the market, the most convenient way to start promoting our product is choose a country that can adapt with our new products. Among all the countries closest to this, the easiest way to start in European country is Australia.
The reasons why we choose this country are their culture on the use of language. They use English as a priority language and this language can be use worldwide and it is easier for us to communicate with them. Other than that, authorities from the Australia were helpful and welcoming the new entrepreneur from Malaysia and it is suitable for us. Other than that, we also want our host country, just not helps us to markets our products at their country but also wants Australia helps us to markets at other regions in the future. This is one of the important ways why we choose this country. Moreover, we also can build a good relationship with them for the long term period.
Besides, the most important reasons we choose Australia because of the term of transportation and logistics itself. We can easily enter their markets whether by air, land or sea transportation. In terms of currency, the profits when we sell our product there we can get a triple return rather than in Malaysia only because of the currency, $1 dollar equal to RM4.30. So, it is suitable to us that are newest in the business. There are benefits that we can get when we market our products at this country such as purchasing power among people at the Australia is high. This benefits will help us to increasing the sale there.
8.0 Benefit to Society
Everybody needs food in this world. Food is a consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. The substance is ingested by an organism and assimilated by the organism's cells to provide energy, maintain life, or stimulate growth.Chicken and beef actually contains protein that can help customer to build and repair tissue.Protein also can make enzymes and hormones. Protein is important building block of bones,muscles,cartilage,skin and blood.
Spices also have their own benefits as well.We are using such a healthy of spice in order to help the customer to prevent and cure disease. There are a several benefits from our spices we used:
1) Black pepper: relief from respiratory disorder, relief cough, indigestion and anemia.
2) Honey: immunity system builder, anti-cancer, nature’s energy booster, remedy for ailments.
3) Curry: prevent cancer, protect against heart disease, boost bone health,
4) Chili pepper: warm your feet, vitamin C, burn fat and lost weight
5) Paprika: lighten complexion, anti-ageing, glowing skin, prevent hair lost
6) Cinnamon: treat muscle spasms, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite
7) White pepper: fight cancer, may aid in digestion, improve dental health, help weight loss

9.0 Conclusion

This product is suitable to any country. Taste, ingredient and safety is able to reach any person requirement. With Malaysia halal certification to this product, it help acceptance of this product to any Muslim country.
This product has high potential to growth in global market. Not only in Asia but also to all aver the world. With some support from other resource this product able to sustain in market. The out resources can come from government or non-government organization. This organization can help in term of financial, management, knowledge and labor. With this help it can give a create a good relationship. At the same time both parties can get benefit and profit.
Other than that, marketing managers including brand, product and communication have to identify industry challenges, market opportunities and help formulate marketing strategy in multiple areas. With this information, it helps the marketers to make a strategy.
The most important is to do research and development to all part of business when entering new place. Give knowledge to identify the demand and make strategy in production. It is because some country have high context culture and some country have low context culture.

10.0 Reference

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