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5 Skill Statements Assignment

You are provided 5 text boxes in which to submit in each a good, accomplishment-based statement. Please complete each statement, save the document as a Microsoft Word document and submit to the Dropbox on D2L

Grading Criteria: For each statement the following areas are worth 2 marks, totaling 10 per statement. One Sentence | Is the skill statement one sentence long? | Action Word | Has an action word been included? Is the statement active or passive? | Skill Highlighted | Has one specific skill been highlighted per statement? | Specific/Example | Has clarification or an example been given to explain the skill? | Accomplishment | Has an accomplishment been included? |

Skill Statement #1 Submission | Worked effectively in a team of marketing group project at langara and achieved optimal collective results | Sentence/2 | Action /2 | Skill /2 | Example /2 | Accomplish/2 | Feedback | |
Grade: /10
Skill Statement #2 Submission | Planned and led the group project of survey on technology through questionnaire and got required data. | Sentence /2 | Action /2 | Skill /2 | Example /2 | Accomplish /2 | Feedback | |
Grade: /10
Skill Statement #3 Submission | Presented a PPT on IT project in front of all students with proper management of timing to each slide and appreciated by all staff members. | Sentence /2 | Action /2 | Skill /2 | Example /2 | Accomplish /2 | Feedback | |
Grade: /10
Skill Statement #4 Submission | Maintained good interpersonal skills to deal wit | Sentence/2 | Action /2 | Skill /2 | Example /2 | Accomplish /2 | Feedback | |
Grade: /10
Skill Statement #5 Submission | Collaborated with IBM team to develop software during a term project and got appreciation. | Sentence /2 | Action /2 | Skill /2 | Example /2 |...

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