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Imperial Sir, Illustrious Sir's, Legal Council and Fellow Board Members; What day. When it rains it pours and today it really did pour in epic quantities. The Blanco River will crest one foot below Memorial Day 2015. Onion Creek will crest one foot below Halloween 2013. Once again Onion Creek will have more water flowing through it than what Niagra Falls does. Pretty scary. We cancelled the Halloween Party tonight due to the rain and to make sure we all are safe. So stay in tonight and be safe. By now we all now that Fun Time Shows/Agent (Bill Cunningham) has removed themselves as our Circus provider for 2016. I know they sent notification today to Suez, Karem and I assume Hella as the Cedar Park Center mentioned Frisco when speaking …show more content…
As I understand through the rumor mill that Bill Cunningham is asking for money they supposedly owe to his circus and he canceled on them. This should prove interesting. The Karen circus is start on November 19th and this one can be salvaged it seems if they called George Carden like I did today to help save ours. As I have previously stated I have spoken with George Carden this morning when I first received the news about availability of the Brett Carden Circus. He stated they could help us out and not to worry. He also called me this afternoon and is currently making arrangements to fly in and talk to us either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday based upon what he can arrange. It discussion with George he did ask about telemarketing and I stated Chris Moore wanted to complete the obligation. He did agree this was the best course now, but in the future we could consider his organization. I have been in contact with Sammy Wallace of the Cedar Park Center and Rick McLaughin of the Texas Star as they received the same notice from Cunningham he was cancelling on them also. They will continue selling tickets and I told them we were working on a new circus provider so at this point the show will go …show more content…
I realize we will have more to lose if we do so, but then again we may profit from the change also. Another advantage with us doing the contract with them is if we ever decide to do a major fundraiser on than a circus as an addition to the circus we have our foot in the door with a reputable arena that can seat an audience that we should be able to fill with the right event.

So in a previous message about meeting Sunday at 3PM at Ben Hur all BOD members stated they could attend except Russell. As he and I discussed he can dial into the room if he would like to participate. I do value his thoughts so I hope he does.

Jerry Carruth is out of town and can dial in if needed. Ronnie Lee who I have asked to join based on his experience with the show and contract can join if needed.

So with that said we will have a meeting on Sunday, November 1st at 3 PM in the Ben Hur Boardroom to talk about the issue, what we can do as recourse to Cunningham and what we can do to move forward with a new circus provider and possibly make this a better revenue even than we were expecting from

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