Function of Law

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Functions of Law

John Diaz


September 22, 2014
Michael Green

Functions of Law

Without laws, society would be at the compassion of revolutionaries whose main job is to disturb the organized progress of a society. Laws were created to keep public safety, and it needs to be obeyed by everyone. The law is applied equally to all people to make sure no one feels left out or abused by other people. The law is very complicated and sometimes easy to break if we don't fully understand it. The law helps maintained a peaceful environment for everyone to enjoy in society.

What is Functions of Law and why is it so important?

Law is necessary and important because it helps society run smoothly; it gives all citizens a peace of mind knowing that there are laws in place to protect them and their rights as citizens and employees. Without it, there would be disagreements, struggle and most likely chaos everywhere. The people would live in a society of survival to look out after themselves and with no regulations in place it will create a negative effect when someone feels their rights were violated. Laws are found everywhere we go, and it is essential to understand them and most importantly to follow them. A member of Congress of the United States writes a bill, and if approved by both houses of Congress, it goes to the President for review. The President has the option to approve it or vetoes the bill. If the president approves the bill, it becomes the new law. Once the new law is passed, the house of Representatives standardizes the text of the law and publishes it in the United States Code (U.S.C.). The U.S.C is the main database where all laws are file, and it is published every six years with new editions. It is important to stay updated with the law because there are certain laws frequently get revised. As…...

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