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Functional Dependence

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Here is some clarification on functional dependencies.

A functional dependency - if you know X, you can reasonably assume you know Y.
X determines Y.
Y is dependent on X

For example: In the database in the Social Security Administration, your SSN relates to your first name and last name.
SSN->Name, Address

For Q11, select logical fields were a functional dependency may exist and create tables In Q11, the studentnum is probably unique.

1. Determine the FDs by selecting the fields in the table and one field may be dependent on another. For example, The studentname is probably functionally dependent on studentnum. Studentnum ( StudentName. Identify dependencies for each field in the problem. 2. Create table based on the dependencies. Remember, you need a primary key for each table. The primary key is represented by the field being underlined.

Functional Dependencies
StudentNum ( StudentName,NumCredits, AdvisorNum, AdvisorName, DeptNum, DeptName
AdvisorNum ( AdvisorName
DeptNum ( AdvisorName
StudentNum, CourseNum ( Term, Grade
CourseNum ( Description

Complete the last two table representations to complete the problem.

Student (Studentnum, Studentname, NumCredits, Advisornum, DeptNum)
Advisor (Advisorname, Advisornum)
Dept (Deptnum, Deptname)

Q12, When you see multivalued dependencies, think of it as an individual may have dependencies to many other tables.

This has to been reflected in your FDs and in your conversion to 4NF.

Reflect your FDs in the tables listed below.

Complete the last three table representations to complete the problem

Student (StudentNum, StudentName)
Activity (etc)
Course (etc)
StudentActivity (etc)
StudentCourse (StudentNum, CourseNum)

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