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Functional Organization

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Organizational Structure Paper
The Results Companies

The results companies was founded by Alan Schein and Robert Rapp as a provider for a dialer-based technology and a telemarketing service. In 1990 these two men founded The Results companies as a small private company. The company continued a strong entrepreneurial business to proactively identify great opportunity, implemented them successfully and responsibly through the years. They experienced significant growth, which increased revenues from around $28 million since 2005 to about $75 million in 2009. Revenue continued to grow in 2010 it reached 81.1 million. They continued to grow so they expanded to 13 locations throughout the United States and around the world in 2011. They have locations in the Philippines (Cebu, Eastwood city, Manila; Pasig city-Alaskaland, Pasig city-Q Plaza, Silver city, Manila. In the United States they have sites in Texas, Florida, two in Virginia, Kansas, Utah, and Illinois. Heredia Costa Rica, and two sites in Mexico. “The Results Companies exceeds its clients’ expectations by providing a better operational foundation while integrating leading processes and systems to drive top-tier performance and quality.” (The Results Companies, 2011) The Results management team is constantly focused on ensuring their clients are receiving high-quality service, along with concentrating on strategies that will lower costs and improve their performance. “Our relationship management methodology is a systematized practice consisting of account communication, product understanding, profitability management and account planning.” (The Results Companies, 2011)
The organizational structures that companies use are The Functional Organization, The Divisional Organization, The Matrix Organization, and The Network Organization. The Results Companies use The Functional Organization. They have used this...

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