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Fundamental Analysis for Vendor Evaluation

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TOPIC NAME: “Fundamental Analysis for Vendor Evaluation”.
* This project teaches me vendor evaluation and checking on the financial analysis on the company using research methodologies. * The main objective of this project is to find the top most 20 vendor from a target of 60 for the company one of the leading windmill manufacturing companies and help them to generate transportation for windmill turbines. * The top 20 is evaluated using different criteria for evaluation. * From the 20 vendors a physical evaluation is done and top 3 is evaluated. * To finalize the parameters and criteria’s of evaluation jointly by RACE and one of the leading windmills manufacturing company team.

PROBLEM DEFINANTION * One of the leading windmill manufacturing companies was facing a problem with the transportation vendors such as not reliable n on time delivery so one of the leading windmill manufacturing companies approached RACE Innovation to carry forward this project on getting the best top 20 vendors throughout the country. * Therefore RACE Innovations helps one of the leading windmill manufacturing company to get the top 20 vendors using various techniques.
The process involves two stages: * Stage1: evaluation on the broader guidelines on viability of the vendor to suit one of the leading windmill manufacturing company’s transportation requirements. * Stage2: evaluation in detail on the screened top 20, further rating them on the below evaluation criteria.

METHODOLOGY * The analysis is done by using different methods of research techniques such as: * Defining the target population * Develop a sampling framework * Develop measurable targets related to sample * Identifying the sampling method as required * Determining the sample size * Implementing the sampling...

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