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Fundamental Clinical & Interpersonal Skills for Practice

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Communication plays a big role in our society. People without interaction between each other will make life miserable. Thus, in order for life to be full of joys and understanding we have to have some sort of communication skills that makes things simple when we are communicating with each other, such as family, clients, friends…etc. Therapeutic communication has different ways than everyday life of communication. In nursing world is all about taking care of patients. Therefore, they need set of skills in order to communicate well with patients to find out what is wrong with their healthy status and provide them with the right treatment. So in order for nurse to be nominate to be one of the top, needs to know how to communicate will with patients?, How to explain things effectively to ensure that patients understood their status?. In this assignment I am going to discuss the definition of therapeutic communication, aspects of communication, skills for effective therapeutic communication, nursing barriers and last but not least having some strategies to overcome these barriers.
What is Communication? “Communication is the process by which meanings are exchanged between people through the use of a common set of symbols." (Bhardwaj, 2009) the process of these thought comes either by speaking or writing. This process of exchange divided into two parts which are verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication means acting through words which means in brief definition spoken, rather than written. Lots of people think that communication is something easy, since they only need to speak their native language, in contrast communication is that need to be study to be efficient at even if it is only required the person to speak their language, because it’s not a matter of how to speak the words, it’s a matter of how to use the appropriate and respectful words in order...

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