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Fundamental of Strategy

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Fundamentals oF strategy
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Strategy is a fascinating subject. It’s about the overall direction of all kinds of organisations, from multinationals to entrepreneurial start-ups, from charities to government agencies, and many more. Strategy raises the big questions about these organisations – how they grow, how they innovate and how they change. As a manager of today or of tomorrow, you will be involved in influencing, implementing or communicating these strategies. Our aim in writing Fundamentals of Strategy is to give you a clear understanding of the fundamental issues and techniques of strategy, and to help you get a great final result in your course. Here’s how you might make the most of the text:

Focus your time and attention on the fundamental areas of strategy in just 10 carefully selected chapters. Read the illustrations and the case examples to clarify your understanding of how the concepts of strategy translate into an easily recognisable, real-world context. Follow up on the recommended readings at the end of each chapter. They’re specially selected as accessible and valuable sources that will enhance your learning and give you an extra edge in your course work.

Also, look out for the Key Concepts and Audio Summary icons in the text, which direct you to the website at* where you can

Check and reinforce your understanding of key concepts using self-assessment questions, audio summaries and interactive exercises, and Revise key terms using electronic flashcards and a glossary in 6 languages.

We want Fundamentals of Strategy to give you what you need: a clear and concise…...

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